GHRP6 400mcg/ml Transdermal Cream - 50ml pump

Peptide: GHRP6

Size: 1 x 10ml Pump Pen (0.15ml/pump)

Duration: 6 - 10 weeks (depending on your desired application)

Indicative Dosage: 1 pump once daily, 5 days out of 7, applied to your inner wrists. Best taken on empty stomach just before exercising. 

Standard Intense
Quantity 20mg  40mg






 GHRP6 - Is it for you? 

Want to build bulk and increase strength? AEVOL’s Muscle Bulk (GHRP6) is the clinically formulated peptide cream created especially for people dedicated to getting muscle bulk through boosting natural human growth hormones levels and increasing appetite.

GHRP6 will act on the pituitary gland to make it release more Human Growth Hormone, which in turn will result in higher production of IGF-1 by your body. IGF-1 is a fundamental component of muscle formation and tissue recovery; increasing its levels in your body will help you create more muscle cells after exercise

Additionally, GHRP6 is a strong appetite enhancer - if you were struggling with keeping up with your bulking diet, GHRP6 is what you should be looking for. Created by medical professionals,Muscle Bulk is a popular choice for health lovers who want to build bulk and reach their goals quicker.

The Sciency Stuff: 

GHRP-6 has two main effects, one is stimulating growth hormone release, and secondly, inhibiting the production of somatostatin. It activates the GHS-receptor in the hypothalamus and pituitary gland to stimulate growth hormone secretion in both a time and concentration dependent manner.

It is now known that growth hormone releasing peptides (GHRPs) are distinct from Growth Hormone Releasing Hormones, instead acting at the growth hormone secretagogue receptor, now renamed as the ghrelin receptor (after a word root “ghre”, which in Proto-Indo-European languages means grow).

It is for this reason (ghrelin like properties) patients being treated with GHRP 6 experience appetite stimulation. In therapy GHRP 6 is used to stimulate growth hormone production whilst increasing body mass. Patients deficient in growth hormone and underweight would be ideal candidates for GHRP 6.

Possible Side Effects:

Usual side effects: increased hunger within 20 minutes of application. Increase in cortisol levels. 

GHRP6 400mcg/ml Transdermal Cream - 50ml pump