About us


AEVOL is an Australian owned and operated company which seeks to make the latest peptide solutions available to patients in search of novel approaches to health and wellbeing. 

All of our peptides are 100% compounded in Australian pharmacies that respect the strictest standards in terms of protocol. 

Frustrated with seeing patients struggle to consistently reach their health goals, at AEVOL we believe that peptides are of interest for anybody willing to reach those goals.



AEVOL's mission

Although peptides have been around in medical science  and professional sports for many years, the short chained amino acids technology has only recently become available to the general public.

AEVOL's mission is to make them accessible to a greater audience, notably by developing a full range as creams, as well as injectables. 

AEVOL also strives to provide a top-notch medical approach: our medical team is composed of professional doctors, who will put your health at the centre of the picture.

An integrated medical service

AEVOL works with dedicated medical staff; should you have any questions, our medical team will be in touch. Our medical team is Australian-trained. 

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